Born in 2000, grew up in Hsinchu, Taichung, Taipei, Taiwan.

Jessie Lee started to learn percussion at the age of ten, enlightened by Teacher April Yeh. Since childhood, she has actively participated in various percussion competitions, including the Taipei International Percussion Championships and the National Student Music Competition, and has repeatedly achieved good results. She was admitted to Taichung Second Senior High School with the qualification of competition admission and was taught by Teacher Ming-Jen Suen. In 2016, she won the concerto competition and performed as a soloist with the orchestra on the concerto night. She has participated in master classes taught by different percussionists, including percussionist She-e Wu and Japanese percussionist Nanae Mimura.

In 2018, she won second place in the national student music competition for marimba solo and was admitted to several American conservatories and universities. She held the first percussion recital and was admitted to the Music Department of Taipei University of the Arts the first place and taught by Professor Shih-San Wu. She was awarded the 107 Academic Year Outstanding Study Scholarship and the Puyu Project Scholarship in 2019.

During her university studies, she actively participated in various performances, including regular school concerts, and also participated in performances in different fields, such as the joint production < Post-Garden: Technology and Music Transdi sciplinary Experimental Theater > in 2020, and the Dance Department, The performance 40 as 400 < Classics Rekindled > in 2022. In 2021, she won the Emerging Young Artists Competition and performed in the 2021 TNUA Emerging Young Artists Concert in November. In 2022, performed the percussion trio ''RESISTANCE III: Cassandra and Light''(world premiere) at the National Concert Hall in < Ju Percussion Group: New Sounds of Taiwan+ >. And in the same year, she began to join the Emerging Performer series by MIVE.

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in 2022, she started her master's degree at the Taipei National University of the Arts. In 2023, she participated in the Fontys University Percussion Festival and performed a solo piece in the concert. And in the same year, she was admitted to the Codarts Rotterdam, the Netherlands.





就讀大學期間積極參與各類演出,包含學校定期公演和音樂會,也曾參與不同領域的表演,如2020年的跨領域聯合製作《後花園:科技與音樂跨域實驗劇場》、2022年舞蹈系的公演《經典再現》。2021年入選《關渡新聲-獨奏組》,並於11月在《2021關渡新聲優勝者音樂會》中演出。在2022年由朱宗慶打擊樂團所策劃的「 臺灣新聲力+」系列音樂會《名家聚擊》中,於國家音樂廳演出三重奏-RESISTANCE III:卡珊德拉與光(世界首演),並在同年開始加入了《綾宇集樂 - 新星培育計畫》。